Certification Matters

Differentiate yourself and get ahead with ACF certification. Discover the benefits, value and relevance of certification and congratulate those who have accomplished this goal.


Determine which of the 14 ACF certification levels is right for you based on specific qualifications.

Approval Process

Certify with ease by following the step-by-step application process, from pre-approval to final application.

Written Exams

Learn about the written exam process, where the exam is given and review optional study tools.

Practical Exams

Plan for your practical exam by locating a site, registering and reviewing preparation guidelines.


Review the recertification process, track your continuing education hours and recognize chefs recently awarded Lifetime Certification.

Continuing Education

Discover continuing education opportunities near you or online. eCulinary is also a resource for professional development courses.

Industry Employers

Discover why ACF certification is good for your business and how the Certification Concierge Program can expedite the process for employers.


Streamline the certification process with helpful tools developed specifically for service members in the Army, Navy, Air Force, Marines and Coast Guard.


Search for ACF certified chefs with an online verification tool.


Obtain the current list of approved Certification Evaluators. Learn how to become an evaluator as well as how to host an Training session.


Chapter leaders can utilize and customize valuable tools that will promote certification in their chapters and provide support and encouragement to candidates.

Certification Commission

Access resource material describing the mission, goals and governance of the certification program.